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Founder Focused Startup Counsel for Innovative Seed+ Startups


Introducing our law firm


Formation,Organization & Conversion

Counsel on which corporate form (e.g. LLC, corporation, etc.) and which venue make the most sense for your situation.  I provide counsel on how companies should structure their initial cap tables. I've helped many founders navigate through these very early yet important decisions.

Capital Raising

From friends and family to angels to micro VCs and true large VC rounds - I provide counsel and guidance to help navigate the potentially treacherous waters of financing your company.  Investors have great deal experience - you need quality, experienced counsel on your side.   I've negotiated SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Series Seed & Series A Deals. 

Outside General Counsel

Registering trademarks, hiring and issuing equity to new hires, creating beta test agreements, reviewing an NDA with a potential partner, drafting a master service agreement, dealing with a founder disagreement and equity restructuring, negotiating a new office lease - whatever it is I will guide you.  I am your consigliere.

Exit Events and Acquistions

Whether you are acquiring a competitor or a vendor or are being acquired I will guide you through the process.  I have experienced mergers and acquisitions from both buyer and seller side with over $300,000,000 of transactions under my belt.

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